CER formative feedback

Here is a formative I use at the beginning of a virus unit. It is a CER (claims, evidence, reasoning) on whether or not viruses should be considered living. I am looking for feedback on how to make it more engaging and also how you might apply this to NGSs. here is the link https://goformative.com/clone/EEFUGC any advice/insight would be great.


I’m not sure about the NGSs, but to make it more engaging, you could at pictures or video clips. Perhaps two short videos with ‘differing’ points of view can be included (or one video with several points of view). Students can pick the clip/segment with which they agree and do the CER method, including ‘quotes’ from the clip as Evidence.

I like the typed reading passage. It will allow students to copy and paste specific words/phrases into their Evidence AND Formative will flag it as copied and pasted. :slight_smile:

Question: Since this is pre-assessment, what is your goal? An introduction to the CER process or to see how well students understand and follow the CER process? The ability to cite Evidence?


I think this is a great Idea @freymuge! I agree with what @tricia.mintner stated with video clips. You can simply input from YouTube, or take it a step further and embed an EdPuzzle within the formative. I don’t know if you have ever used it before, but it allows you to add questions/discussions throughout the video. I will definitely be using this idea of CER’s with Formative :+1:


I really like the CER format. My school is really focused on the ACT and this format would help them with the “differing viewpoint” style questions.

I think with flipgrid going free, you might give students a chance to verbally explain vs typing.

I also might use another question with the free draw style so students can draw out a Venn diagram or other visual.

I will say the inclusion of a rubric is awesome. I will need to remember that for my students next year.


I really like your rubric you created!


I agree about the other suggestions, but you also might want to use the “show your work” option for the Evidence. Seems like you might want students to create their own data table and graph.