Chemical and Physical Changes Station Lab

Hey everyone! So @dawn_frier inspired me to try using Formative for an upcoming station lab where my students will be conducting procedures to create physical and chemical reactions. In the past, it’s been tough to identify the stations where students get hung. I am hoping Formative can help with this. Here’s the formative: Formative

Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions? I am using this next week and hoping it goes well :crossed_fingers:


This looks great! I would put in some answers for the column that says “Physical Change, Chemical Change, or Both.” Or, you could even make these a multiple-selection or multiple-choice style question. That way, Formative can grade those for you!


Thanks Natalie! That’s such a good idea :heart_eyes: I’ll definitely be adding in correct answers for my next lab!


Have you used this yet? I was wondering about the grading timeline (short answers). How many students do you have? I would have around 150 to grade. Looking at the questions that they are choosing Physical, Chemical, or both, I would make those multiple choice. That way at least one column of questions would be automatically loaded.

Would students each complete the formative as the lab goes on?

Please let me know how it went…

Looks good :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the delay! Yes, I used this last week! I have about 150 students as well and ended up changing those questions to multiple choice based on @ndyer suggestion. It definitely helped with grading. Each group rotated from station to station and each student within a group completed their own formative. It worked pretty well, but I am still looking for ways to ensure that each student is actively learning. There were a couple students who were definitely relying a bit too heavily on their peers for entering responses. If anyone has ideas on how to prevent this, please let me know!