Choose your own Formative

I love Formative. I also love Google Forms. One thing I especially like in Forms is the ability to guide users to specific questions based on their answer to a guiding question. I think this would be a neat feature to add here. I can envision a quiz with built in review capabilities.

As an example - I ask how many different kinds of rocks there are and the student answers. Wrong answerers would then get sent to a quick set of review questions and correct answerers would be sent straight to the next question on the quiz.



Ooh, I like this! I give ‘note card quizzes’ to help me figure out where in the process students are making mistakes. This would be a great way for students to branch off based on their knowledge and skills. You should be able to include hyperlinks to your Formatives that direct students to that specific targeted skill.

How will students know what to do ‘next’?

  • Teacher directs them after they complete the first Formative.
  • Hyperlink back to the Google Form for students to try again and then continue?
  • Direct hyperlink to the next assignment?

As I type this I envision several Google Forms each with one specific question. Every answer would be directed to one of two sections: one with a link to the Formative to learn and practice and the other to the ‘next’ Google Form that houses the next question.

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I love the idea of using Forms to direct students to the right Formative link!!!

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@masjones I think this would be a very powerful feature for us to add! Something that we are brainstorming with our Certified Educators right now is making it so that you can set up and send a student automatic feedback based on their answer choice. We could make it so that you could hyperlink that automatic feedback so that you can point students to another formative. Are there other cases when you would want to point a student to another formative? (Ex: if they have a low score after submitting the formative)


I could see it also being used for choiceboard like assignments or when working on more extended projects where each role in a team leads to a specific formative or set of formatives.

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I love this idea! I love the integration of the different tools and the differentiation/choice component!

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These are really cool ideas that I could see being done with the current ability to hyperlink text! Is there anything else we could consider building in to help you with this?

I was picturing this as a one stop solution - one formative with several sections - review sections & assessment sections. But the ability to directly link to other formatives would accomplish the same thing and is probably an easier implementation for you guys… :grinning:


@masjones Ah, I see! That’s a great idea as well :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback :sunglasses:

Agree. The way I am envisioning it is to have a select multiple answers and the feedback for each leads you to a different formative.