Cleaning up Student Dashboard?

New Formative user, searched the forums a bit but haven’t really found the answer.

My goal is a formative as the exit ticket every day.

One issue with this goal is that the student’s dashboard will quickly get filled up and they will likely constantly ask me which formative to take. One solution is to unassign the formative to remove it from their view. Downside to removal is that the Tracker will now not record the student’s % correct broken out by formative (i.e. by exit ticket date).

I want the Tracker breakdown for gradebook purposes, and I want cleaner student view to cut down on access confusion and questions.

How do I go about solving this?

Thank you in advance!


I’ve tried a few things. One that helps the most is labeling each Formative with #.# before the actual title. For example, for unit 1, you can label, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc… and unit 2 can have labels of 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. This year, my students’ formatives are in ABC order, so the numbering system works really well. Students can even ‘search’ using CRTL+F and typing in the code (or words) you want them to find.

Another alternative is to make one formative for each unit and link all the other formatives to it. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.


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We can definitely consider making it so that the formative is still taken into account (by assignment type) after un-assigning it! By the way, @lpereira and others have mentioned how cool it would be if students could have their students’ dashboard organized into folders. Do you think this would help based on your needs? Here’s the topic in case you want to share you input on that as well:


Does CTRL+F work on the iPad, do you know?

I haven’t played around as much on the student side, but when a Formative is "closed’ on the teacher end, are students able to see this on their dashboard anymore? Do they have access at all?

I’ve been away from iPads in the classroom for awhile, so I Googled it… YES!

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If it’s CLOSED, students can see the assignment and their answers… and the correct answers if you toggle that on for them… however, they cannot change any answers.

If you UNASSIGN, students don’t see the assignment on their dashboard AND you don’t see scores in classes. However, YOU can see those scores if you click on ALL on the student response page.

I close assignments the day of the test (since they were practice for the test) and toggle ‘show answers’ so students can go back and review problems if they need to retest. After two weeks, I unassign those assignments so they don’t show up on the dashboard anymore.


Thank you so much for this clear and concise explanation @tricia.mintner ! To add on, the only time students don’t see an assignment on their dashboard if it’s CLOSED is if you haven’t chosen to return scores and correct answers. This is because if teachers are returning scores or correct answers, they most likely don’t want their students to see the formative at all.

I unassigned a formative but cannot figure out how to see the student scores (that I already graded and put in to gradebook) ?

trying to follow your above response:
<<<If you UNASSIGN, students don’t see the assignment on their dashboard AND you don’t see scores in classes. However, YOU can see those scores if you click on ALL on the student response page. >>>

I saw that… I guess when they did an update, the All group was disabled somehow. @Jill_Nyahay, can you look into this? It’s not showing up on my screen either. Kirk, you can work around this problem by reassigning the Formative, gathering your scores, and then unassign it again. If you think students will try to finish the Formative while you are gathering scores, just ‘close’ it as soon as you reassign it. The upside to reassigning it, is that the students will be ordered like your grade book. The All group is ABC order of ALL the students you’ve ever assigned to, so you’d have to pick through them all to fins the students you need.

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