Content/question that can't be seen by students

Hi all,

I was thinking of a new feature that I don’t think would be too difficult to implement. This is hidden “parts” of a formative. i.e. as I go through a formative I don’t always want certain items to be shown immediately to students on their screens but would like to show it only on mine.

An example/application of this is asking kids to complete an exam style question that I would like to show them the mark scheme after they have attempted it. Currently, I have to have this available on a separate page/google slide etc. This is OK but not ideal and not sure if kids would take the time in the future to look at this separately but if it was on one page would be great.

In an ideal situation, I could be the master of this and either control when they see it or only let them see this once they have submitted.

Other times, I may like to have something included that is just for me, a prompt or a reminder etc. This isn’t as common for me but might be nice on an occasion.

Would this be a useful idea for other teachers? Thoughts?