Copy and paste fractions

When I copy a fraction into go formative it copies as a whole number. For example: this is what I want to copy: 1/4 (but written as 1 over a horizontal line with 4 underneath it). When I paste it into a formative it pastes as 14.

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We actually have a built-in equation editor which you may use to write fractions! You can access it by clicking on the blue + sign next to the content you are adding (whether that be a question, answer choice or separate line of text)! Check it out :grinning::point_down:

Yes, I use that equation editor but that doesn’t allow you to keep the fraction, or any mathematical symbols, in line with the sentence. I’d like to be able to write “Use your calculator to express 9/25 as a decimal.” but with goformative it looks like this:

As a math teacher, if goFormative can modify this for us would help us a lot.
Now, if i want to do the same thing as @kcusano mentioned above, i will just type it in Words first and capture the question and paste it as image.