Created a Formative .. please tell me what you think

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Typo: "Imagine you are a plantation owner whose slaves have been ______ as a result of the 13th amendment who is upset by this change. "

Awesome graphic.

Place ‘short answer’ or ‘essay’ question boxes for the two prompts.

If you have Premium, you can add audio response questions, so students can answer verbally. Perhaps you could have a ‘show your work’ question where students could provide a photo that would be representative of their ‘feelings.’

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Since you have such a cool picture of the moment of the passing of the amendment, maybe students can use it to “show their work”, by marking a person in the crowd who is either happy or not, and explain who the person is and why he/she is feeling that way.

Trying to see things from a different perspective is an important skill, and you are doing the right thing saying “Imagine you are…”. Maybe you can ask your students to cite specific passages from the amendment as a stronger connection between history and the imaginary situation. Can you include the text of the amendment on the Formative?

Depending on how much you have already talked with your students about this, you might want to add some specific multiple choice questions about the historic fact before the “imagine you are” question.

I applaud you for trying to get your students in a character’s frame of mind. Good luck and thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response but, can you draw in the show your work question? I dont have premium currently though possibly flipgrid can be embedded here for verbal?

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Yes. You can draw free hand or you can use shape tools. You can also type. Any of those features can be done in a variety of colors. You can also place a picture in the show your work section.

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