Creating a formative from a Google Form

I have heard that it might be possible to import questions into a formative assessment from an existing Google Form, but I couldn’t figure out how to do so and wanted to confirm if that is an existing feature? I have seen some forum discussions about embedding a Google Form, but I think that is slightly different from what I am trying to do. Thanks in advance for any help!

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You can do that by embedding the google form into your Formative. You can get the embed code by clicking on send in google forms, then click on embed to get the code.

I would also love to convert my Google Form Quizzes into Formatives. Is there any way to do this without recreating all of the questions and answers? Embedding the Google Quiz into a Formative isn’t what I’m trying to do. I want the Google Quiz to become a Formative? Can I import it or something?

Hey Brian! A fix I’ve used to convert my google forms into formatives is to use the 3 dot drop down on forms and select print, then set the destination as “Save as PDF”. Once it is saved as a PDF, you can upload it into Formative and tag the question types, since students see the question in the PDF, you don’t need to necessarily type out the question in formative.

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