Cut and Paste MC answers

I am trying to create an assessment where students need to label the parts of a microscope. I had thought I could just paste the liist into the answers sections and it would create my options, but it pastes it all in as one answer. I’d rather not type 13 parts out multiple times. I can’t duplicate the question either since it is part of an annotated PDF.

Odd cause as I said, I thought I’d done this before…


Are you referring to answer options or items in the answer key? To the best my knowledge, I don’t think it was ever possible to paste text in and have it formatted into different answer options or items in the answer key. This is definitely something we can consider!

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Perhaps I am mistaken… would be nice to have though.

Maybe I just duplicated the question but that does not seem to be a possiblity with the PDF annotation.

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I think I know where I got it from - can do it in Google forms.

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