Darwin's Theory of Evolution


I am sharing my first formative - a quick, three question formative about Darwin’s theory of evolution.


This one only has written questions and answers, but I’m looking forward to exploring how to embed other apps and get students to respond in creative ways :slight_smile:

I’d love feedback on how I can make this, and other formatives more creative/engaging.


@jdunn Thanks for sharing your formative! Unfortunately when I click on the link it just takes me to my Formative dashboard. This will happen if the formative was deleted. Did you perhaps copy the formative and have another clone code?

I had the same issue…

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Oops - sorry!

Here is another clone code for it - let me know if this one doesn’t work!


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No worries! It’s showing up now! I really like the question that’s asking students to use the Show Your Work tool to draw a cartoon to show their understanding of Darwin’s theory of evolution! One thing I might consider is adding the image of Lamarck’s incorrect theory to the Show Your Work canvas itself so students can reference it as they draw. You could also consider using the square tool to provide a grid of boxes for students to draw within. That being said, your students could also use the square tool to do that as well:

I’d love to hear what other @Science_Educators think!

Oh, that is a good idea! I hadn’t thought about putting the image in the show your working part or making a scaffold for them. Love it!

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This is a good quick assessment of learning, however, visuals and videos would definitely make it more engaging. Out of curiosity, how are the students learning the information? I like to embed or upload their reading material into the Formative to make the Formative a complete lesson in itself. I also like to start with something at the beginning to “hook” the student (maybe an edpuzzle video). Something else that might be fun to play with or consider is embeddingflashcards with Quizlet or Easy Notecards.