Decimal Operation Warm Up!

I wanted to share a way that I use Formative for math that I find quite effective. I created this formative as a warm up to order of operations with decimals (Formative). In it, I ask students to write and solve an equation for each decimal operation.

Here is an example of what one of my students did:

It worked really well with Formative because I was able to project the responses and let my students explain their examples. Some of my students were only comfortable with certain operations so it was great to give them the opportunity to present what they knew and learn from their peers.

I’d love to get some feedback on this activity and see what others are doing in their math classrooms with Formative!


I love what you did but how did you get your problems on goformative. Did you use a smartboard to put them in?
Please let me know I really need to take this to the next level.
Robin Becker

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@robinbecker8 Looking at the formative, the students were asked to come up with the equations for each operation on their own. If you wanted to give them equations instead, you could still create the grid on the Show Your Work canvas and then just add equations for students to complete (for each operation).

If you have access to the Advanced Question options - Adding an audio response question where they have to explain the steps/WHY they do each step could provide more insight into what they understand.

In my 6th grade math class, students create “Teach Me How To Math” videos where they explain a key concept that will be on an upcoming test and how to solve that type of problem. Right now they make these on one of the school iPads and turn it in on Google Classroom - but I’m looking at transitioning it to the Formative platform to emphasize making corrections to their work.

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I have used my ActivePanel to ‘write’ my equations before. It takes a LOT less time than typing on the Whiteboard tool. I’ve even used a ‘Show Your Work’ problem on my Study Guides for tests. When students click on the SYW panel, MY work is there, with each step color coded. My students found it especially helpful for midterm and final review problems, where they just wanted to compare their work to mine. It’s a little more interactive than simply posting my answer key. PLUS, students could ‘zoom’ in on the worksheet and ‘hide’ my answers until they were ready to see them.

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