Design session with Mike

Yesterday i had the honour to talk with Mike, the formative designer! He’s a pure genius!!!

Thanks a lot for the insight view yesterday!!! I appreciated it and i can’t wait to see the new features!!! Can’t wait for this! It will soon be possibble to collaborate, share formatives, reuse formatives and even to reuse single questions! It’s unbelievable, this man must work 24x7!!!

Just one more little thing to wish: I really need the function, that the solution is visible, when i take a look on the responses. Is this also about to be published?

Thank you for your work dear formative team! Have a nice day!!!

Best wishes, Flo


@florianmaechler I agree with you: Mike @mike really is and does amazing work together with others!


Thanks @florianmaechler & @michael.lutz! I’m truly flattered! It’s really been a team effort to get the product to where it currently is, as well as, where we plan on it going :slight_smile: It’s been amazing speaking with you both, as you each have very insightful and thoughtful feedback…& I hope to continue using your imsights to improve the product long term.

Flo, regarding the ability to view the solution for a question in the results page, it is in one of the designs. We can most likely have this implemented quickly. I will try to post it sometime in the afternoon, for you to share your thoughts.

Have a great day!


Very, very cool!!! dd170274-25c1-457b-a719-aa43e5c5750f-721dfc7e-b047-4603-b8ff-b082bbf05713-v1


I apologize for the delay on this. As I mentioned above, we had designed a concept for allowing teachers to see the correct answer in the live responses view, along with potentially making edits (that would notify students if changes were made to a question for which they’ve already responded to).

Let me know you’re thoughts :slight_smile:


Seeing the correct answer & notifying students of changes would be soo helpful! My poor 1st period usually has to work through finding and correcting mistakes with me :smile:


Thanks for the feedback Lauren! Noted!

@mike That’s my early Christmas wish for February 2018! I want that! Yes, please! :+1:

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Wow! Simply wow! This will be an invaluable asset indeed, @mike !