Desmos activities within Formative

Hi! I’m looking for ideas on how to use Desmos with Formative.
I put links to 3 activities in this sample formative: Desmos activities and would love suggestions on how to use this type of activity (other than just providing the link.)
There is a brief intro and some directions at the top of the formative.



I loved the Mini-golf Marbleslides. If you could embed this into a Formative, you could add questions below it allowing for students to identify the coordinates for each point and what they think would happen. If it didn’t happen the way they thought, to change the coordinates and then explain why they changed them. You could even have a show your work problem with a pic in the background. Students can plot their new green points, draw a predicted path, and then (in another color) plot the actual path (for the majority of the balls).

I love how Land the Plane builds the concept for writing linear equations and allows students to explore a little. The Parent Function activity is also perfect for the exploration activity I had in mine for my students. :slight_smile:

Questions: Did you create these? How do you share? (If you want to, of course). Or, how can I build it myself? I can see my Algebra 1 students doing this in our slope and linear equations unit. :slight_smile: What kind of data does it give you? Coordinates? Number of attempts? Number of stars collected? Equations guessed?

For the last two, you could have the students write the equation that finally worked.


Hi Tricia! Thanks so much for the time you spent looking at these and for the great feedback & questions!! :blush:
I’m on my phone now but will reply more later when at my computer. I can send some screenshots. I made a video tutorial on the Desmos Polygraph activity as part of my Desmos Fellowship application. Polygraph is another awesome Desmos activity!
I’ll write more later & will send the link. In the meantime, you can go to and create an account. From there, you can search all of the activities! You can also go to for some help topics & videos. If there’s a way to blend these 2 tools, it would be amazing!!!



Like @tricia.mintner, I love the activities that you selected/made in Desmos! I think that the exploratory nature of the “Parent Functions and Transformations” really lends itself to working with Formative. As students make observations, you could have them record their thinking and questions that arise with a formative and later project the responses to discuss what students have shared.

Regarding the other two activities, I too have the same question as Tricia: I see that you included a couple short answer questions in your Desmos activity…do the responses get sent back to you? How about the different manipulations that students submit (Ex: moving the airplanes)? Do those attempts get sent back to you? If not, I could also see this being a great opportunity to use Formative to help students explain they work/thinking they do within Desmos. and use that real-time data to inform teaching.

As @tricia.mintner recommends, I would definitely consider embedding these activities within formative! I think this is nice because then students can see the Desmos activities and aligned Formative questions on one screen. I couldn’t find an embed option within Desmos, but you can create an embed code by simply inserting the link for the desmos activity (Desmos Classroom Activities) into this iframe-generator and then pasting the embed code generated into the embed block. You can increase the width and height values within the embed code to make the Desmos activity appear larger within the formative. I first learned about the iframe generator from @tbland & @nicole:

Lastly, if you’d like to still just link to the activity, you can hyperlink text within Formative so that the link doesn’t appear separately. I am not sure if you wanted it that way, but just thought I’d point out this alternative option :slight_smile:


Hi Tricia!
I’m so sorry, I forgot to get back to you about this!!

Here is the link to the Parent Function Desmos activity that I created.

You are welcome to use it as-is or modify it to fit your needs. You should be able to edit the activity and then generate your own course code to use with it.

@david I know that you asked about seeing the responses …yes, that’s possible.

Here are a few screenshots:
You can see who has completed which problems: (there is a feature to anonymize the names so you can display to the class)

You can see all of the responses to a particular slide:

Land the plane! :slight_smile:

You can look at each student’s response to each question:

See what each student did on a particular question.
Yay Donna & Tricia!

Sorry this is a crazy long post!!


Better late than never… here’s the link to that video. I would prefer that my video is NOT shared on social media, but you can share it with a colleague if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions about it! I can see using a formative at the end of this activity to ‘debrief’ or reflect…any other ideas?
To find many available polygraphs, go to and just search for polygraph.

@tricia.mintner tagging you in here!



Awesome, thanks for the visual answer!

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