Desmos Piecewise Functions and LaTex Limit notation (formative share)

Here’s an example of an embedded pre-made Desmos graph in which I tasked students with identifying limit behavior at certain points. I also used LaTex code to type the limits into the equation editor. Actually I copied it and pasted it after the first one, then just modified it. Feel free to explore the embedded desmos, and use of LaTex inside the equation editor.

To see the latex for infinity symbols and limits look here:,_sums_and_limits


Looks great! Thanks for the link to LaTex codes. I’m always finding myself trying to do a Google search when I come across a new symbol that’s not in our Equation editor.


@albertbryant @tricia.mintner Woah! I had no idea that you could just paste in LaTex if the symbols aren’t there on our equation editor! Very cool :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

We’ve talked about adding more items as buttons:

Are there any other core ones that you think we should add in as buttons?


I think I’d like to see maybe a drop up menu for symbols like ° π ∠ θ etc. I don’t think adding them directly on to the equation editor would be beneficial because it would take up valuable real-estate. But as a single (symbol) button I think it would be useful. I use limits a lot but most people won’t. Most people probably won’t use theta θ either.
That’s my opinion.


Good idea! Real estate on the site is super important!

@david I understand! You don’t want to get too cluttered with controls because it will be overwhelming and complicated for new users to learn :slight_smile:


This is great! I recently did something with limits and was able to ‘fake it’ by just typing in lim and then using a subscript. :blush:


I do like theta though… :blush:


Given Albert’s suggestion, we can consider adding a bunch of math symbols without taking up real estate! The sky’s the limit!