Different score thresholds for different classes?

I am teaching two courses that have different grading structures. One is standards based with a 0-1-2 structure where a 2 is considered mastery. The other is a traditionally structured course where points are averaged on a pure percentage base and I need thresholds for 90-80–70-60-50. I’m not seeing a way to have different scoring thresholds for different classes. The settings for this appear to be global to my account. Is what I need to do doable?

Hey Sharon. That sounds like a headache! If you have the Premium subscription, you can adjust your settings to something ‘automatic’ that loads when you create a new assignment. I would choose the one you make the MOST often and set it with those thresholds. Then, if you need to use the other method, you can manually change it in the assignments you need.

I think Formative is purely % and points based. However, you might be able to use the tracker to help you with the 0-1-2. Place a final question at the end of your assignment that has NO answer key but make it worth 2 points. Tag that ONE question with the standard you are tracking. After the student completes that assignment, you can grade it with the 0-1-2. In the tracker, it will show up as 0%, 50% or 100% which you can easily identify as 0, 1, or 2.

Hopefully this helps. Good luck! I also hope an Admin checks in on this soon.

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