Differentiation for sped/ell

How have you been able to provide differentiated material to different student groups (seamlessly)? I have some really low students who would benefit from a slightly different formative from what I send out to the whole class.

Hi, Carrie!

I differentiate by creating multiple small classes in Formative, each with a different mix of students. In my second period English block, for example, I have class 2A ( “low” students who need extra support), class 2B (“high-achievers” who need a challenge), and class 2C (“middle” kids). I assign my lower students formatives that include me reading aloud, simplified question wording, quizlet vocabulary, etc. Is that the kind of thing you add, too? I’d love to share ideas! (I also have some really low SpED kids, and I’m looking for fresh ways to help and challenge them.)

It’s easy to set up new classes in Formative: you can do it right in the classes tab. When I decided to make many small classes, I deleted my original classes and gave each student a new join code. (If you don’t delete your original classes, kids will see duplicate assignments.) It was a little chaotic for the first half an hour while we were getting everyone switched into new classes, but now it works really well.

Quick thought: If you are going to do this, I’d suggest making a cheat sheet that lists everybody’s new class and join code first. If your students are anything like mine, several of them will zone out during the directions and will need their join codes repeated.

I hope that helps! Happy New Year!



Would you be willing to share how you incorporate read aloud into a Formative. I would like to use it with EC students who have it as an accommodation. Thank you!

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