Digital Quiz for Grade 7 Science on Heat

Going to try a digital quiz with my grade 7 Science this week. Hoping to have all their screens facing me to ensure they don’t tab flip while doing it.

Here it is if you’d like to use it:

It is just a knowledge quiz but I love it when something else can mark for me. :slight_smile:


Hey Dawn! I love this! As Richard Byrne’s notes, image-based quizzes can often be a better prompt them text questions! I think they encourage students to think about different ways to respond to a question and that they can be a great way to engage students as well.

Did you consider using the “Enhance a PDF/Doc” option for this formative? It might be nice because the image would be on the left and students could scroll through the questions independently of it.

I did think about that but the questions involve them doing more than labeling the sections on this one. I will be doing one of those for my microscope quiz in the next month though!