Direct link to assignments not working

This morning when I posted a direct link to today’s formative assessment in our LMS (my school doesn’t have integration between formative and blackbaud), the link wouldn’t work for students. When they clicked on it, it said they didn’t have permission, even though the assignment was open and I could see that they were properly logged in with the correct credentials. I’m not sure what happened there…

The other issue I’m having this year that was never an issue last year is that if I send them to directly, they arrive on essentially a sale page and have to click dashboard to get in to their work. For students, this is endlessly confusing. Maybe the dashboard button could be bigger or brighter or something? Or have a way to send students directly to the student interface, not the sales page, but as I said, the direct assignment link didn’t work.


Yes, I’ve had this experience as well.

On the first note, have synced your formative with your LMS? If you are using Google classroom go to Classes on Formative and re-sync your students.

My school doesn’t use formative, so it is NOT synced with my LMS. I am one of a handful of individual teachers who use formative. We do NOT use google classroom.

When assigning a task, formative gives me the option to share a link, which I was grabbing and posting in our LMS (Blackbaud), hoping kids could link straight to the task. Sadly, the links don’t work.

I have found that if students log into Formative FIRST, then the direct links work. Otherwise, the direct links send them to the OLD login page (which does not work). I have spent a LOT of time asking Formative help personnel to update this. I have been in school 6 weeks now, so their suggestion of updating the links (or helping individual students change their bookmarks) is not efficient.