Do students see notifications on closed formatives?

I want to give feedback, but I don’t want them to see it until I open the test back up for everyone.

Hi there, the student will get a notification if the assignment is closed, and they will be able to see the question.

Is there any way to turn that off by chance?

Not at the moment, but I can pass this along to the product team.


Thank you - this is probably the most frustrating feature for me in Formative. I want to grade and give feedback, but I don’t want students to see the feedback while the Formative is closed, particularly when some students haven’t completed the Formative yet.


Thank you. You’re platform is awesome as a formative tool, but since so many of us are using this as a summative tool for our distance students it would really help if there was a way that we could mark up work and not have it visible until we are ready for the test to be seen. Maybe take it out of the chat feature altogether.

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I agree! I would like to grade and give feedback now, but I do not want them to see it until I am ready for them to see it. This works well with allowing them to see their scores, but not with feedback. They see it immediately. And that would allow them to cheat if others have not finished yet!

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I absolutely agree that feedback notifications need an option to be turned off prior to returning the graded assessments. This is a “must” to pass along to the team!

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