Does the level of difficulty of your questions increase within a unit? Throughout the year? Why/why not?

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Good Morning and welcome to Question 5 of our slow chat about creating strong questions.

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@senger, @Susan_Shires and I would love to hear your thoughts about how you structure your questions within a unit and throughout the year. Do your questions increase in difficulty in either or these time frames? Or do you pose the same levels of questions but with different levels of scaffolding? Share why you do what you do and what grade/subject it applies to.


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I think that they should increase as you progress through a unit. The beginning questions should start of with L1 & L2. Then as the unit increases with Rigor and questioning, they should move into higher order thinking questions and responses. I’m not sure if we are currently making sure that this is how we base our questions, I am sure that if I stop to think about it or look over plans, they would increase. I also think about the level of questions with the ability and range of the student’s needs.


They should increase as you delve deeper into a topic. You do have to begin with level 1 just to ensure that all the students are understanding the foundation information. Quickly move to the level 2 and 3, depending on the students in each of your classes- often my different class periods are at different stages because the makeup of the students was so varied, even in an advance class.