Don't Let Anyone Ever Tell You They Don't Have Time To Create A Go Formative Assessment

Last year, I created this assessment in less than five minutes to give to my Geometry students to see if they understood what I just taught them. It is easy to snap a picture, use the screen capture and upload to the assessment.


Thanks for being real with your discussion. It’s so true, and is amazing how quick you can gather information from your students. We gave you a shout out on Twitter!



True story, @Jeremy_Tuller

When I train teachers on Formative, at the initial stage, they worry that this will add another element to their already massive workload. However, once they’ve seen how powerful and diverse a tool it is, they realise it enhances their lessons and scaffolding and actually takes them less time!


This is such a great point to bring up Jeremy! We’ve really thrived because of teachers like you who show others how easy it is!


Yes @Jeremy_Tuller! I love everything about your post. And that is so true @david! I actually shared this thread on Facebook today and gave you a shout out Jeremy :smile: Thank you for your contributions!!



I agree with the feeling. I guess it sometimes comes from trying to add too many things to a formative. Even though it can be used to provide access to instructional materials, you can also create a one question formative to act as an exit slip. Just the other day, I had students discussing “which biogeochemical cycle is better”. As I walked the room overhearing their conversations, I noticed a couple groups with a similar misconception. I quickly created a one question formative that helped me know who was struggling with the same thing and within minutes I was pulling a small group.


I completely agree, and echo what @mgarcia said. One of the first things that I fell in love with about Formative was the idea that you can make it as simple or extravagant as you’d like. When presenting Formative to others, this also becomes a great selling point to appeal to various groups of teachers. Whether it’s the one-question exit slip, or an extensive quiz with app-smashing, images, and more, Formative can work for any and all!