Drag to Select Feature

Is it possible to have a drag to select feature when selecting multiple students?

It’s an interesting idea. I guess you mean when you’re viewing the results to an individual question? Are you trying to select multiple students quickly to give them the same grade, or send them all the same feedback? How often do you think you’re selecting multiple students to do these actions?

I grade on a 5 point scale, so I am constantly selecting large groups of students. Almost all my assignments contain show your work and short response problems that I have to grade manually. Fixed answer problems, like multiple choice, do not really provide enough info for assessment. I like to see what my students are thinking.

To add more functionality, you could add the control-click to select/deselect students without deselecting the whole group. I think the control-click would be a faster way of selecting students than the little circle method. I could click anywhere on the student’s box and if I accidentally clicked on the wrong student I could just keep holding down control to deselect them without starting over. Combined that with the select all feature you already implemented and it would make grading so much faster.

I am a Math teacher, but I can see these quality of life improvements to the selection process benefitting teachers for all subjects where students are required to show their work, answer in written form, or are graded on a rubric.