Draw your answer feature

Is there any way to make the draw your answer a smaller screen and not a full screen when students click on it? I would like the student to be able to see my PDF worksheet question at the same time as the draw feature.

We don’t currently have any way to allow the student to control the size of the drawing container. We do have a new feature that allows you to attach a “Show Your Work” canvas to any type of question, which may be well suited for this.

I add the text of my question into the drawing. So the question actually appears twice. Once as the question and again in the draw box. So that my students can see the question again. Agree, the only way they can draw what you are asking is if they can see the question.

I do the same thing as Julia.
I’m actually glad the Show Work box is bigger as my students work on Chromebooks and need the larger box to see what they are doing.