E-Learning with Goformative

I don’t know how everyone else out there is doing with E-Learning, but I have been utilizing Goformative and it is fantastic!

Here is a sample calendar (I removed all of the links): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-mjZ2-koUJ6GdlSPHLSKpRpQ_RaEv8gBaP1p56giTw4/edit?usp=sharing

Then, I have the kids take a picture of their homework or type in an answer everyday from their HW to see how they are doing.

I am loving the technology help from Goformative!

Quick question…does anyone know how to have a student “UNSUBMIT”…I allowed them to edit, but now there is a gray bar all the way across, so it is hard to tell if they did that assignment for the day without clicking it constantly.


LOVE the calendar!! What a great way to visualize the work. I think I will do this for any future days outside the ‘free’ ones from the govt.

No way to unsubmit… BUT… I tell my students if they edit an assignment they’ve already submitted, to just type ‘regrade’ as a comment under the problem they want me to regrade. This is especially helpful with the problems that aren’t auto-graded (Show Your Work). I get an alert at the top of GoFo when I log in and I can click on the alert bubble message to go straight the problem that needs to be regraded.

Hope this helps!


I love this idea! It’s super helpful for math when the work gets complex and typing in all of the answers can be tedious.


I like your idea of allowing students to regrade…I need to get used to using the comments more often (and getting my students to use them as well)!

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If you need to give more personalized feedback, you can use Screencastify to create a short feedback video highlighting what you want kids to know without typing! When you stop recording, just click to copy the URL and paste it in the feedback comment box. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing the calendar. I cannot wait to show our teachers.