Earthquakes--Finding the Epicenter

This formative correlates to Mystery Detectives Earthquide in which students are given seismographs and asks to pinpoint the location of the epicenter. I am interested to see how ‘show your work’ for drawing the circles on the map will work for the students.

Here is a link to the formative. Please let me know of any suggestions you might have to help improve the experience for students.

Mystery Epicenter

I made a second formative with different data. This allows me to have more than one ‘form’ for the activity. Mystery Epicenter B



Hey Pebble! This is a really beautiful formative! I really like the colorful lettering & the materials you chose to upload. I tried one of the drawing questions and found that the circle tool worked pretty well.
In addition to telling students to first create the circle and then center in on the seismic station, I would also remind them to click on the selection tool to move it and teach them where to click to drag as well.

I tripped up on it a few times and I know that my students might accidentally click on the blue areas of the circle and accidentally resize it.

Nice work! You’ve given me an idea for using the Show Your Work tool and I’ll be sharing it soon :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback. I also model the tools of technology that they need to use before we start. But they will still forget. We use Formative a lot so they mostly are used to the tools available in show your work. In our county, we are in a budget crisis. With that said, we are trying to reduce paper. I am more or less already a paperless classroom but this activity I have always given them the maps and compasses. I am really interested on how it will go. We are starting it today.

Again TY!


No problem :sunglasses: I love helping when I can! It’s great that your students are so comfortable with the Show Your Work tool. That’s so exciting that you are giving it a try! I’d love to hear how it goes :slight_smile:


I just added a video walk through and put it in the video…Finding the Epicenter Tutorial

:slight_smile: Happy Friday


This is awesome! Do you share this with your students before they take the formative?

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I posted it in the Google Classroom Stream so that if they needed a refresher they would be able to go back to it. I also inserted it into the ‘first’ part of the formative.

TY :slight_smile:

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