Edit answers on the go

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Can I change the answers after the students are done and will it automatically adjust their scores?

I’m sorry for all the questions… we’re going virtual soon and I am prepping ASAP with little time for a learning curve.

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Hi @leya.joykutty :wave:

The answer depends a bit on the question you’d like to edit. For Short Answer questions:

You can add new answer key options, and that will update the grading automatically.

If you edit an answer key option during or after students are working on a formative, that rewrites the answer key option, and some response data will be lost.

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I do this all the time. I’m a math teacher… and yes, I make brain farts and type the wrong answer in the key. Scores are updated automatically. The only problem is that if students made the same mistake I did… and had a ‘correct’ answer before I edited the key. I usually go back and type a comment about ‘Sorry… error in the key. Try this one again.’

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