Edit questions on the go

Hi… I was wondering… Can I edit the formative as the students do an assignment? Sometimes as they are doing the work, it seems that small edits can clarify the question for students.

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Hi @leya.joykutty :wave:

Yes, you can edit the formative as students are working on it! Inserting content, such as images, video, and text blocks, is a great way to add support if students are struggling. You can also edit or add to a question, if that needs clarification.

Things that you shouldn’t edit during or after students take the formative include:

  • The question type. If you change the question type, this will delete the responses that have already been recorded for that question.

  • The answer key items for Short Answer questions. If you edit an answer key item for Short Answer questions, this rewrites that item, and this can cause some student response data to be lost. (Note: you can add new items to the answer key during or after students take the formative, and this will update the grading.)

I hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


I do it all the time!