ELA State Standardized Testing Formative Feedback

I recently used this formative as a review for students for their upcoming TN Ready state standardized testing. However, since I’m new to Formative, what tips and tricks could I have used to make this review more appealing? Uploading the PDFs was super easy and convenient. However, I’d like to maximize Formative’s features to make it more engaging.

Here’s the clone code: https://goformative.com/formatives/J2xfSx79Kqt6snxaT


I am tagging @ELA_Educators in here, but I am guessing that other non-ELA teachers could share some valuable feedback as well!

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I’d love to take a look - but it is not allowing me to access it with my Formative account.


@Darcey_Teasdale thanks for pointing that out. @jfdavis can you post the clone code? That’ll allow other teachers to check out your formative independent of who you currently have it assigned to:


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