Elementary Breakouts

Does anyone have examples of elementary break-outs that you’ve used formative for or at least in conjunction with? I’ve seen some examples floating around in the community center with more advanced math concepts, but I’m trying to put one together for third graders. I’m planning on using it as more of a back-to-school, multidisciplinary approach to get the kids excited about their first day back on Monday! Looking forward to ideas, or being pointed in the direction of the suggestions of others.


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Hi @brent.hall

I am not sure of the curriculum you wish to cover but there are lots of fun tools like Puzzle maker and upside down writing that can be used to find clues. Take a look here: BreakoutTools

Formative can be used to feed them clues via feedback or by taking the answers to questions and putting them together to solve digital Google form locks. I like to give them clues but the words need to be arranged into the final order to figure out the hiding place of the “prize” or unlock the final lock. In the form presentation, I send them to their final destination. Cheap locking toolboxes and programmable locks can be found at places like the Dollar Tree if you want to go as far as a real box. (Kids do get a kick out opening a real one.)

Fire off any questions and I’ll do my best to answer. I don’t teach primary level so am not totally sure what they can do on their own though. :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun with it!


Or you could start simple and do a scavenger hunt. That is a fun thing too!


Thanks for these ideas @Dawn_Frier1! I just wanted to get a few ideas of things I could use with various kinds of curriculum, so these are perfect. Looking forward to exploring later this weekend. :slight_smile:

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Hey Dawn,
Thanks for sharing such phenomenal ideas. We gave you a shoutout on Twitter!