Embed with Quizizz?

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I have a question I am just putting out into the Formative Community Universe :wink:

Has anyone been able to embed Quizizz successfully into a formative?? I would love to know any tricks if so (or see any formative examples)! :smile:

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I am sorry, but can you explain why you would want to do that? I, too, use Quizizz, but like that I have several different sites to use, so the students don’t get bored. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.
Sorry I wasn’t any help :anguished:


No worries @smclaughlin :smile: I am asking for a teacher that was inquiring in our customer service chat. I gave her a link to this thread for any resources or responses. Thanks for responding!


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Figured it out! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can embed a Quizziz, though it needs to be assigned as homework and get the join code for your students. You will not get the analytics for the quiz on Formative, but rather on Quizziz.

Of course, your embedded Quizziz may be part of a complete assignment.

I created the one below using a trivia quiz and in it a give a brief explanation of how it’s done. Feel free to play:


@smclaughlin I too use several platforms. The benefit of embedding, in my opinion, is that you can have everything in one place, including your Quizziz and other resources. For my middle schoolers this means minimizing distractions from “other searches”.


This is amazing @mgarcia!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together…and share it with us!! I will definitely be passing this along to anyone who asks this question again :smile:

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Oh, and BTW, same thing with Kahoot using their “challenge” feature.
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That was amazing - thanks - I love to use Quizizz along with other stuff - it helps keep students engaged!

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Thanks for looking into this Mariana! I just checked out your Quizziz and it seems super fun! That got me thinking that from an instructional standpoint, embedding things into Formative is a good idea because Formative can be used to house an entire lesson/series of learning activities. To your point, it can be much more convenient that having students visit different sites in one sitting. @smclaughlin for Quizziz in particular, I think that it could serve as a nice extension for students who have already completed the other questions in a formative (and shared their thinking).


I agree. I also teach middle school students and they are very easily distracted. I love the idea of embedding other things within a Formative.


Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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Hi All! I am wanting to embed a Quizizz, then ask reflection questions. I see that the clone code provided here was removed. Can anyone help?

I just looked this up. I hope it helps. Use this format

and replace “shareLinkHere” with the homework link from Quizizz.