Embedding a document to use as a discussion board- it works and is really cool :)

I just figured out something really cool to do with Formative. If you embed a document (Google doc, Slides, Spreadsheet, Draw) using the iFrame Generator, and set its permissions to edit, you can effectively embed a “discussion board” into a Formative. Here’s how

What I forgot to add in the video is that to close the board you go back and change the settings of the document back to anyone with the link can view.


That is awesome! Good thinking!

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That is really cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks, I just created a discussion board in my formative account!

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It is a great idea that works for different contexts and favors cooperative learning. Thanks for sharing!

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I love this! Thanks for sharing. I’m testing it out to use next year!

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This is definitely a game changer! Thank you for sharing. Cannot wait to try with my 8th graders now that we are going virtual this year.

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Thanks @mgarcia this a great tool for remote learning. I think it could be even used as a Q&A board for the assignment the Ss are completing. Very cool

Super cool! I’m so grateful for all of those that share their ideas!

This is great. Thanks so much for sharing!

Wow! What a great tool. My only question would be where can you get the iframe?
This would definite save tons of time.

There are several. I usually just Google iframe embed generator.