Embedding a Google Form

I have been having no luck embedding a google form into a formative…any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?


Hey, @susan.castigliego, I just tried to embed a Google Form into Formative and it does not work. To get the embed code, you have to hit SEND and then you will get the embed code. However, it says you are embedding something outside of formative. Maybe someone from formative can tell us why this doesn’t work. Have a great day.

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@susan.castigliego @Lisa_Scumpieru you can actually embed a Google Form! You can click on the “Send” button in the top right of your form and then the “link” button. You can then take that link and create an embed code using this site. Here’s how @michael.lutz does it!

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Awesome! I didn’t think of the link since I heard the word “embed”! Now that you can embed a Google Form into Formative, could others share when this would be used in a Formative and to what extent? I’m curious to find out how others use them. Have a great day.


It looks like @Dawn_Frier1 uses it to process the student data in different ways!

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Since Formative doesn’t have a notification built in for submissions, I have a Form that I have students fill out when they have completed a Formative outside of the normal class time. Right now the Form is housed on my website and in Google Classroom, but I was considering linking/embedding it at the bottom of each Formative. I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s supposed to be a way to create a pre-filled Form link.

I also might use embedded Forms for my Escape Classrooms. Each ‘lock’ would be a Form entry (with verification).


Since you use Google Classroom, have you considered using the option to post your formatives there and then have students use the Google Classroom feature to indicate when they are “done” with the assignment?


I used that feature when it first came out, but at the time there was at least a day’s delay between activating the assignment via Formative and it showing up in GC. It was just an extra set of grades to manage. If Google Classroom grades were able to be imported into my gradebook (RDS) directly/with a few clicks, it would be worth assigning Formatives that way.

I tried it a couple of times to see if there was an improvement, but I haven’t checked since then. Perhaps I will experiment with this over the summer. :slight_smile:


When I embedded a google sheet, it appears to be read only, is there a way to make it writeable?

My workaround was to make a link to the sheet and change the end of the link to /copy so each student get their own copy of the sheet.

In your Google sheet, click on “share” (top right corner) → advanced. Then use the “pen” instead of the “eye”:

However there is a better way through google classroom:

“Kursteilnehmer duerfen die Datei bearbeiten” means “Students are allowed to edit the file”

This means that everybody is writing in the same document? Do you intend that?

If not, choose „make a copy for every student“. Google classroom is creating individual, personalized sheets for every student. So he/she is only able to write in his/her sheet.

Thanks for the hints, setting make a copy in GC and then pasting the actual document link in the embed code of the formative fixed some issues, but i cannot figure out how to get the make a copy work in the embedded google sheet. for now i have students just using a simple link to access their own copy of the sheet. i think i published a formative documenting my experimentation:

link https://goformative.com/clone/MWGJMM