Embedding EdPuzzle and Embedding Ideas

Has anyone had any luck embedding Edpuzzle videos? I made my first EdPuzzle and I can embed it but I am wondering about how it will let the student login and track their responses to the EdPuzzle. I know there is a guest mode for edpuzzle. Maybe I should just use that. Students can get feedback about their response but guest mode doesn’t log their responses. Just wondering if anyone has experience with it.

Also what other things do you all embed. I have embedded google slides, quizlet, and edpuzzle. Any other ideas?


If you create a class in EDPuzzle and then embed your EDPuzzle video from that class, then your students will be required to login to EDPuzzle when they start the video. (My students login /sign up using their Google account)

Additionally, it will allow students to access their scores and will grade their m.c. responses for you! You have to manually grade any written responses.


Here’s a formative I made that hilights many of Formatives features and apps you can add/smash with https://goformative.com/clone/FKQOGD

https://www.iframe-generator.com/ is a neat site that can help you create embed codes that will work in Formative
Hope this helps


Thanks! I will check those out for sure!


Thanks so much. Such a fun tool to embed!

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Of course this means that you will have results in two platforms (EdPuzzle and Goformative), which may be OK. What I do to save me the “hassle” of bringing these two together is to embed the guest edpuzzle, but add the questions on Formative. Students open in side by side windows so they can answer on Formative while watching on Edpuzzle.


Has anybody tried to use H5p activities to embed? I have some that I made but they won’t embed in formative. They are iFrame codes. I just get this code jibberish like in the photo below.

It looks like the the H5p activity has some special code, which is trying to re-size what you embed and is not supported. If you give me the clone link for the formative and point me to where you are grabbing the embed code, I can try to make it work!

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Aside from what @david mentions, I’ve found that sometimes when the “original” embed codes are not working or do not show the way you want them to, you can use the direct link and create an embed code using an iframe generator. Perhaps that can be a work-around for you, too.

Actually, I went in to H5P and grabbed the embed codes for a couple of their examples. Brought them over to Formative and simply deleted the <script src = … part. They appear to be working :hushed:

Here is the clone code of that trial so you can see what I mean: Formative


Cool. I will try and let you know how it works. Thanks for the help.

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That was the trick. Thanks. I was hoping there would be a work around.


Thanks for the tip. I looked at your Formative to see how this looks to students, and the video is super shaky (like to the point where it would be dangerous for anyone with a seizure disorder). I’m assuming that’s not part of the original video. Do you know if that’s a result of the way it was embedded? I came to the forum with the same question about embedding an EdPuzzle video.

Yes. It looks like the H5P stuff is weird. I don’t use it at all and just created that in response to the question above.
That being said, and since you were asking about EdPuzzle, I’ve never experienced that with EdPuzzle. I embed often, though instead of posting the questions there, I just create stopping points (insert comment) and have students open in two windows so they can watch but answer directly on Formative. Benefit, no edpuzzle logins for the students and no having questions in two places.

So, in trying to figure out how to make asynchronous remote learning work, I have made a Formative that embeds an EdPuzzle, (could be anything). I chose to use the Show Your Work question so that students can take notes as they watch the video and answer questions. This is just a sample for function with a clone of a EdPuzzle. This is my attempt at the Right Hand Side of a Interactive Notebook. Please let me know what you think.

Link - https://goformative.com/formatives/5f207af8abc39b13930c57ad

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This is wonderful, but when I play the video it “jumps in and out” and it’s very distracting. Does that happen all the time?

That seems to be new. In trying to embed the different sizes that I can use from Edpuzzle I found that I needed to manually adjust the output sizes in Formative. The default for the medium from Edpuzzle was width=“359” height=“342” and by changing to width=“370” height=“350” it got rid of the “jumping”. Just change the video size after you paste it into Formative but before you hit enter.

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Embedding Edpuzzle used to work, but not now! it seems edpuzzle is not allowing this?
I have a test student setup in edpuzzle class, have a video assigned, also have that test student in GC, (and obviously GF). i embedded the edpuzzle video usiing iframe-generator, and when my test student tries to access the embedded video i get this error: (firefox cant open this page)

opening site in new window does not work.
here is an info page:

my test student is within my district domain and the edpuzzle works fine from GC.

can anyone else embed edpuzzle or is this just a problem I am having ?

Hmmmm., wisepets goformative is an embedded youtube vid not edpuzzle…and it works for me but its youtube. I need edpuzzle to track that my students actually watch the video and not just try to answer the goformative questions.

So for this sample (https://goformative.com/clone/W75XDL?_rid=m1k6sj), with an embedded edpuzzle, works. If you want to track student responses you first need to set up and assign the edpuzzle and then copy the link. As long as you use the class link it will work just like you want. I used a public link so people could look at what it looks like. You might want to check the browser settings to see if the embedded edpuzzle is being blocked that way. Did you check a different browser?

if i set firefox to ignore x-frame headers it works, now to see what my IT department thinks of that :slight_smile: