Embedding EdPuzzle and Embedding Ideas

Embedding has been my friend this year. I record lesson and upload it to edpuzzle, then I embed the edpuzzle right in a formative that my students are working on. I also put in stopping points that guide them to the next question I want them to complete.

Embed Edpuzzle & Formative

I have emebedded edpuzzle before and it worked just fine, but I just tried to embed a wakelet collection and I just get code to show up or the sad paper face when I use the iframe generator. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?

it is likely that the third party website(s) you are trying to embed have started blocking iframes/x-frames.
you can google x-frames to learn more…
X-Frame-Options - How to Combat Clickjacking - KeyCDN

i have reverted to providing links that open in a new tab for my students (no more embedding for sites that block)
I know it sucks.

I followed the awesome formative that teaches you how to embed in goformative. I needed to erase part of the code to get it to embed. I still wasn’t aboe to use the links in Wakelet, but I was able to embed it :slight_smile: