Embedding Edpuzzle

Every time I try to Embed Edpuzzle it doesn’t allow a lot of my students and says I need to grant them permission or log in with a different account? Any help here?

I’ve had similar issues so I have two workarounds. Use the public link feature to embed the video but you won’t be able to track their progress. When I use public links I require students to fill out video summary form. Here’s one for screencasts. Please modify it as needed. https://forms.gle/gYN4sMMp6kwcDvJCA

If you to track student progress paste the URL beneath the video. I do this for all embedded videos

I’m also trying to trouble shoot EdPuzzle.

This is something that I have tried myself, but with no progress. Would love to see what troubleshooting ideas others may have as it is an awesome medium to appsmash with.

I just assigned a formative with 2 Edpuzzles embedded. I guess I will find out tomorrow how it works. I will add the Edpuzzle weblink as well (good tip). Crossing my fingers.

How did it work after you embedded the Edpuzzle? Did Edpuzzle allow them to get to the correct classroom and record the scores in Edpuzzle Mr. Blennau?? Anyone able to get the workaround?