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Is there another way to embed videos? Our district blocks YouTube from the students, so when a student logs into their computers they cannot access a video I embed.
Our district is not a Google district, we are a Microsoft district; my school is a Microsoft Showcase School in fact. We use Clever for our students to log in to as many things as possible and have a insta login too when possible. So I would like a site I can maybe even edit videos but help with not using YouTube.
Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks


My workaround in my YouTube-blocked district was to download the video I wanted then upload it to EDpuzzle, which wasn’t blocked (or was easily white-listed upon request). As a MicroSoft school, you should have access to OfficeMix within PowerPoint via your Office365 account. OfficeMix videos have embed code that you can use in Formative. (Of course, I don’t know the ‘new’ process since MS has changed OfficeMix access and storage this year, but it would probably be worth looking into.)


I agree with Tricia, perhaps the best way is to download the video. I use YTD downloader for youtube. It is free but be careful when installing it like to add an extension to your browser so be sure to choose custom install. It is too bad your district block youtube… there is so much out the is great to use.



I agree! EdPuzzle is a great tool and you can embed into Formative.

I also like the data and tracking that you can use within EdPuzzle more than Youtube anyway!


@lara.applegarth you can embed videos from other sources using the Embed option! I know that Vimeo and Khan Academy both provide embed codes. I’d love to hear what other video sites others have found!

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We battled this same fight (and I’m in technology)! There is now an “approve” button in YouTube that you can enable. Teachers can approve videos for students and they will have access to those videos in whatever tool you’re using (formative, edpuzzle, nearpod).


I’ve been embedding Khan academy video’s into assigned re-mediation activities. I also past the URL’s into the Go Formative feedback and then have students re-do the activity.


That is SO awesome! When I used to be a special educator and first heard about Formative, providing resources as feedback was one of the first things on my feature request wish list. I am glad that it’s now possible and that you are making the most of it! You rock :metal:

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can’t find this button