Encouraging Creativity and Innovation in the Formative Assessment Process

We had another great #formativechat on Monday night, talking about the ways that we can promote creativity and innovation in formative assessments. A lot of great ideas and tools shared in the discussion, so we decided to keep it going here! What are your thoughts, best practices, tools, share! Looking forward to your responses!
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By mixing up the questions: Mix in some multiple choice with some short answer, and show me work. Also, break it up so that it not all text dependent. Perhaps drop in a Disney Pixar short that connects to the theme of what you are trying to have students think about or have them find that connection.


@rdene915 I have the students draw their reactions to the literature we are reading instead of just writing it out. I also have them draw their own graphic organizers to analyze the literature.


Thanks @Rachel_Kerr , that is a great idea. I have had students do drawings and also trying some sketchnoting too.


@fichtlis that is a neat idea for the Disney Pixar, I am sure that would be a really fun way to promote creativity and authentic responses.



I love the Disney short films to teach inferences!

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I love the idea of adding Disney characters and other elements into the formative to make it interactive. I especially love uploading existing worksheets and making them interactive by adding images, video clips, etc.