EOC US History Formative

I am brainstorming ideas to help my students review using formative for the SC End of Course Exam in History. It covers content from the 13 colonies to present day. It can be very overwhelming for the students to prepare for such a broad test.

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Hello Jessica,

I take this is the 10th or 11th Grade EOC? Does your school use Eduphoria? If so, they have a test bank that pulls from your state examination question pool. I use it for all Texas assessments. I wish I had a way to send you copies of my Era review sheet (tried the download), but it only does JPEG. Will take a look at it, when I get home. Maybe you could copy the questions and make a formative.

How bout using a mindmap, dump the link into Fomative and construct your questions.

As for ideas. I used Padlet, until they changed their options, but began transitioning them into Google.

Here is an example of a Coogle: https://coggle.it/diagram/WrUjluLDpiWCMDum/t/battle-of-saratoga/d19eef1c36f1591c56997dd95f7b64c57a35f6e9a080e92a8070e8795e9438ff

Here is another one, but I have to finish it.

Coogle American Revolutionary War Events

Also, I use Mindomo, but its the free version, so no pictures.

American Revolutionary Battles

Here is a Formative on Peace Treaty of Paris 1783.
[https://goformative.com/clone/FAEHKY](http://Peace Treaty of Paris and aftermath of 1783)

Anyways, some ideas…not much, but I need to prepare for my last two classes. If I have time tonight, I will post some more ideas for you.



Never heard o Coogle - great resource!

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Hip Huges videos on youtube are also a great way to review. They are geared toward AP, but might apply… Students can watch them at home or you can embedd them in a formative with questions.