EOG 8th Grade Science

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Does anyone have ideas to share in 8th grade science concepts or even review activities? @mgarcia. I’m already doing a-lot but wanted to know if @Science_Educators :unicorn:could share specific strategies and best practices.

Some examples of the activities that I’ve already put in to practice.
-Pretest determine if you remediate or apply reinforcement
-Station Rotations based on proficiency📓
-Vocabulary practice everyday ( platform changes ea. day. Quizlet Live, Connect Four, Bingo, Quizzizz, Class Craft, Kahoot, Go Formative and Digital Breakouts💻)
-Personalized Learning Pathways
-App smashing with Flipgrid and seesaw
-Flip Quiz and Socrative



One of the things that I like to do, is a “show what you know assignment”. In particular the key concepts tab gets students to a product of their choice for a key concept which then can be used as a review for the whole class as they present.

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I like this assignment. I tried something similar for a test. I asked the students to show/tell me about things that wasn’t on the test that they knew. I also like how this assignment affords students choice.


Thanks so much!