Example of Playlist in Formative

I only learned about playlists last year, and at that time I created them in a hyperdoc. I had students who knew a ton about WWII from their previous history class, and I had students new to my school who knew very little. I wanted to have two different self-paced sets of learning activities so that each student was getting the appropriate content for his or her previous knowledge.

I have yet to turn those hyperdocs into Formative playlists (but I will!). In the meantime, I’d like to share a playlist Formative I created for a group of students that I took to Norway last month. For those of you new to playlists, I hope this helps clarify what exactly they are!


It’s so great that you are starting to use playlists Lindsay. I know that @appelj and others love them too!

I really like how you are having students use Google translate to practice pronunciation! Did you know that you can now hyperlink text so students can click to go to he websites without copying and paste the URLs into their URL bars?

Simply highlight the text and insert the link!


I love that Formative has streamlined the addition of hyperlinks by simply highlighting text. :):heart_eyes: