Examples of Formatives for Setting/Reflecting on Goals?

Hey Formative people! I am looking for examples of how people have used Formative to help students set and reflect upon academic goals. If you have any formatives you can share, that would be much appreciated!

@ted_chang I wish I had one! I hadn’t thought to use it for this as my school uses a learning analytics section for goal-tracking and setting. If no-one ends up sharing anything I might set it as a holiday project - I finish in 4 weeks in Australia :smiley:


@ted_chang @kallgood

@jrollins has been using Formative to help student reflect on academic goals over different time periods (week, year). Here’s some sneak peeks he share on Twitter. You can click on them to take a look:

Would you be up for sharing a couple links to your formatives so we can take a look Jonathan? :sunglasses: