Exit ticket formative feedback

We have DOLs, demonstration of learning, practices almost everyday. I use a quick 1-3 question exit ticket usually, however going some from the beginning of last year I am looking for thoughts on content. An example is VQXPJQ https://goformative.com/clone/VQXPJQ

My question is: Do you feel it is a good gauge for content for Day 1 of the standard or should I require a different type of response? Now that I am better at the types of questions, formats etc, I am wondering if some are too simple or that’s really what I need at that point.

Any feedback is appreciated. The standard is read, write, compare decimals to the thousandths.


@MrsRochon, the Formaive looks like it covers the ‘read’ and ‘write’ parts. I would add one more question. If you’ve covered comparing decimals on
day 1, you could ask students to compare two decimals (like 2.784 and 27.8). They could type the answer in a Short Answer or even in a Show Your Work question so they can use color and shapes to ‘highlight’. If you only covered reading and writing on day 1, I would still add a Short Answer question where you give them the decimal and they type it in words. You can leave it without an answer key if you don’t want spelling errors to be flagged on immediate scoring.