Extra credit questions

Is it possible to set up a self grading question as an extra credit one?

I would like to have one or two questions on a worksheet that will require some thought or extra research from students, but do not want to make them mandatory.

Would that/ Is that (be) possible?


Not yet as far as I know but if enough people give GoFormative feedback that they want it, it will happen. They are great at making changes that teachers want. I’ve already put in a request.


Great question! For now, I would just make those two problems work ‘0’ points with “BONUS” somewhere at the start of the question and a note saying these extra points will be added on after it’s submitted and will ONLY show up in the school grade book. (I like to make my EC points in my school grade book a separate grade so I can see who actually attempted them AND which student work has been graded.)