Favorite assessment tools

Besides Formative, what are your favorite formative assessment tools? I need to find a new assessment tool to explore for an assignment I am doing for my tech integration training certification. I use quite a few already, but would like to hear others’ thoughts on this. I have used Quizizz, Quizlet, Kahoot, Quizalize, Plickers, and of course, Formative. Are there any others you recommend? I might use Triventy, but wanted to see what others I might be missing.


I also use Google forms, and PearDeck.



@msashlylcot I love https://forallrubrics.com/teachers/ to assess presentations and writings. Actually, you can use it for what ever you like. Once a rubric is created, you can use the same for years. Students can even evaluate themselves! All results can be mailed to them with just two clicks.
When my students present something, I normally sit at the back of the classroom with an ipad and a Macbook in front of me and just click or tab the ratings (in that way, I’ll be able to assess 2 students at the same time)

When assessing a writing task that has been done in a Google Docs, I suggest the Chrome addon “Doctopus” (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/doctopus/ffhegaddkjpkfiemhhnphmnadfbkdhbf?utm_source=permalink)

When correcting answers from a Google form (e.g. vocabulary, listening or reading task or even a math test), I use the the Chrome addon “Flubaroo” (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flubaroo/mjkbmijfpphoabkogbdmdkolcnaenaia?utm_source=permalink): you as the teacher provide the solution and Flubaroo compares the students’ answer with yours (multiple solutions included!) All results can be exported to Google drive or mailed directly to the students (you could even include the correct answers or badges as well). Really nice!


I also use Flipgrid, Padlet, and Today’s Meet in addition to your list above.


@Lisa_Scumpieru I think I am probably going to do Fllipgrid because I have been wanting to for so long, but just have not taken the time to learn it.


@msashlylcot I have spent this fall checking out so many awesome EdTech tools and I am always excited to share what I have discovered.

Probably my favorite formative assessment tool at the moment is EDpuzzle, have you heard of them? They basically turn any video that you can find online, or one that you create and upload yourself, into an exceptional formative assessment tool! You can add voiceover or text notes to any video as well as multiple choice and short answer questions! A great way to flip your classroom.

Another great tool, hidden within some EdTech that you might already be using, is SymbalooEDUs Learning Paths. It is a great gamification module that basically turns assessment into a virtual board game for students to play. If you are already using SymbalooEDU this might be an easy one to incorporate.


@Andrew_MacLean Yes, I love both of those tools. I use EdPuzzle quite regularly. I have never used symbaloo for my students. I have only used it for my own stuff, so maybe I will give that try.

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@michael.lutz These are great. The only one I have used is flubaroo, but I will be checking these others out.

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Flipgrid is really easy to get into. I only came across it a few months ago and it’s already a go-to. Embed it in a Formative for video+text responses combo points :video_game:


Here’s a great formative assessment and tools overview presentation created by a colleague of mine Genna Rodriquez @GennaRdz (who doesn’t mind sharing) (wanted to upload pdf but couldn’t here so I uploaded onto my weebly site) http://deanvendramin.weebly.com/formative-tools.html


@d.vendramin That is awesome. Thanks, Dean!


No problem my friend and teacher who put that together is awesome … she’ll be glad you found it useful.

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@d.vendramin she included a lot of tools I use, but a few I have not heard of so I am looking forward to exploring them!

Yeah that https://www.mentimeter.com/ is interesting. I’ve played with it a bit but haven’t used it in the classroom yet

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@d.vendramin That’s the one that I just now created an account for!

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I have used both Flubaroo and Doctopus…wish they both were a little more user friendly. But, a good start to a great idea…


I like to mix up what I use for assessment.

Socrative.com is a good resource. I like that I can see their responses in real time, their progress, and how well they are doing.

I have used the other websites mentioned too…

I just tried out [Quizizz](https://quizizz.com/...jury is still out… I need to play with it again.

ProProfs is a pay website…I have used it off and on…

Please let me know what else is out there…



I have used Kaizena and I love it. You should check it out and compare with the others. I always try several before I settle on what works for me and my students. :slight_smile:


I tried Symbaloo EDU with my students. I teach high school. They did not respond as well to it as other things I have used. :slight_smile:


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The nice thing with Quizizz is that it scrambles the questions so students cannot look at each others screens, you can assign it as homework via Google classroom, and limit the time it is open and available. And the kids love the Memes.

I prefer Kahoot for live quizzes in class.