Feature Request: Being able to pick specific pages in a PDF to add

I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but I make 99% of my lessons and worksheets, etc. I sometimes have to go in and edit one page based on student feedback or finding an error or simply design change. It would be nice if we could choose which pages to add when adding a PDF so if I need to update just one page, I could delete that page in the formative and then just re-add the edited page. This would save me so much time as I have to add the changed pdf and delete all the pages I don’t want currently. Overall an excellent feature, but that would add a notch. I have a lot of suggestions, but that is one I can’t find a specific thing on. Thank you.

This has come up a few times, and I do believe there are plans to add a way to swap in a new page for the scenario you describe.