Feature Request: Formula-based Questions

Hello everyone,

Maybe this is asked already, if so I’m sorry I tried every keyword in search I can think of and still nowhere.

Does GoFormative have a similar feature where teachers can create questions based of a formula? For example, The average blue whale weighs 300,000 pounds. Calculate the weight of ‘x’ whales. So then the quiz maker can set the formula for the answers and set a min-max value of the variable so that each time the quiz is populated by students, they’ll get a unique set of variables.

Add this to some timers to finish, GoFormative becomes my go-to formative and summative assessment.

This is a canvas feature: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-15071-4152798245


That would be a great feature!!

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That is a good idea and it will be a great example for me

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I would love this feature

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I would really value this type feature as well.