Feature Request: Quick Form

I hope I can articulate this properly. Today, one of my teachers asked me for a tool they could use for quick response, basically something where if they needed to ask a question on the fly and get student responses, they could ask it verbally without having to go through typing the question and answers in. They could maybe click “Quick Form”, verbally ask the question, maybe write a few choices on the board or something. Then after students answer, they could select the right answer and see a quick graph or something. Or if they had a question/answer embedded in the middle of a slide deck they could check for understanding during the lecture. I guess the ability to leave a question and/or answer blank… maybe. Make sense???


I’ve never used it this way, and it is a great idea. I have, however, inserted a blank question/answer in formatives after a long text block or a document that already has the question in it. You just pick a question type and leave everything blank. It will not give you the graph you wish for, but you do get the collection of answers and you can even assign a right answer after the fact and it will grade for you.


@tbreaux1 As @mgarcia has shared, what your colleague is asking for is largely possible already by just creating a question and leaving all the details blank. That being said, your colleague has some great ideas for making this more obvious and quick! I love the idea of a “quick form” and also the idea of being able to display responses in a graph! Lastly, I love the idea of embedding within a slidedeck. You can currently embed a formative from the assign panel, but I could see how having a formal integration with Google Slides could be very useful!


Be sure to tell your colleague that we appreciate their feedback! We hope to see them on here soon too :slight_smile:

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I would be great if from the “View Responses” page, we can see what the question was on the assignment. You just added the feature so that we can see what the correct answer was, but not the question. Additionally, it would be great if we can see a bar or pie chart of the analytics so that we can easily see what percentage of our students answered A, B, C, etc.


You should be able to see the question itself on the View Responses page. Is there a specific question type that you are not seeing the question for? Are you referring to questions that are on a document you’ve uploaded? Thanks for the feedback about response analytics!

I’m referring to questions from a document I’ve uploaded. I’m not sure if that’s possible but it would be easier than toggling back and forth between the assignment itself and the student responses.

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Thanks for the clarification! We can definitely consider this :slight_smile: I am constantly blown away by what’s possible with technology so I definitely encourage everyone to think BIG!

It would be very helpful once you open up the ability to set a specific window of time in advance of an assignment, if you could also make it possible to set a time limit. For instance, if I want students to complete a checking for understanding quiz for homework, but only give them a certain amount of time to complete it once they open it up.


Could there be a feature added that totals the points you have created in the formative? Maybe I am missing it, but the only way for me to know how many points I have total in the formative is to either count by question or assign it. It would be nice if there was a total points at the top corner of the formative. Thanks!

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Hey! Welcome to the Community Center, we’ve actually had this suggestion, and have it on our feedback page! I went ahead and voted for it on your behalf, but you can always add feedback, or vote on other user’s feedback there!

Hi, I would love to see that when you are in student view and in the show work for a question that the question number is displayed.

Oh I love this suggestion!! I went ahead and added it to the feedback page, thanks Breeze! :grinning:

Would it be possible to be able to toggle when a student can see feedback/comments on a problem? We are able to choose that a student sees scores/correct answers after submission, but if you leave a comment they see it immediately. It would be helpful to have the option to delay seeing a comment until after submission so I can begin grading something before they turn it in

Hey Nick! This has actually been suggested on our feedback page, I went ahead and added a vote on your behalf! I think this would be super useful!

I love using formative! I’m super excited about the rubric feature as well. I can’t wait to use it. What I would like to see is the ability to tie a standard to a single criterion on the rubric. That way, if I use the rubric on an item with multiple standard tags, I can make each standard a criteria. This will also make it so a student’s performance on one standard doesn’t impact their performance on another through the same item. This will help make the standards tracker even more useful as a tool.