Feedback on a Formative I created

I created a formative where I embedded a Geogebra pre-designed triangle. I asked on Twitter from the #MTBoS to give me feedback and I received no feedback. Could one of you please give me some suggestions for improvement?

Quick Code: NCPOXP

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You emdeded the same Geogebra code several times. I only would embed it once. Can your questions be answered with just using the Geogebra animation?

I don’t normally use Geogebra so I can’t answer that question.

The point was to change the lengths of the side to see the different possibilities.

I embedded it several times because I did not want the students to have to scroll back and forth. They seem to get confused easily. I could try it with one and see how it goes.

I agree with you on embedding it multiple times. My students have trouble scrolling as well. I think that it would be possible to answer the question using only the animation, but I also think that the way that you have it set up is easier to grade.

I love the exercise. I think it is ok to have geogebra embedded for each types of exercise to keep students moving. Good job it is an excellent formative.

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