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I noticed that there was an option to show a student’s progress on a formative as they go, being that colors changed based on answers. What feedback options are there on a question by question basis? For example, if my students are doing a math formative, and they miss a question, how can I provide feedback for them on there before they attempt the other questions and potentially miss those also? Is there a way to provide feedback preemptively before assigning a quiz that could provide a hint or clue for subsequent questions?


@Emily_Hargrove I’m not quite sure whether I understood correctly. However, I try to answer: If a student answered a question (and you as the teacher assign the optional setting “return score: instantly”) he/she will get instant feedback: if the question was answered correctly the grey dot turns green, if answered wrongly it will get red. However the student could change his wrong answer to green by changing his answer again. When missing one or more questions the dot remains small and grey:

As far as I know there should be a warning that not all questions have been answered:

Does this make any sense for you?

in the teacher’s overview:

Michael is correct that you can assign the optional setting “return score: instantly," however, student learn very quickly that they can just keep clicking the other answers until they get green, so they are not learning. I have stopped doing that and putting the “after submits” so they can’t do that. Although, I would think in math, you would want them to see how they did immediately if you actually made them work out the problem, not just answer a multiple choice question.


Hi, I was thinking exactly the same thing. When the answer is not one that has incorrect responses like multiple choice; it would be nice to write the student a message with feedback on what they need to improve on. Maybe there is something like that already, I just haven’t found it.


@damejia You can currently give students instant written feedback on any response that they create. Is that what you had in mind?

@Emily_Hargrove Now that I re-read your post, it’s got me thinking…are you referring to sending students written feedback before they even attempt a question?

I was thinking more after a student has submitted a recorded exercise for example. Sometimes it’s the content that is not sufficient to get all the points, and sometimes it’s pronunciation that needs improvement. Thank you for directing me on how to send feedback. Being able to create a rubric where you can click on points earned with set criteria would be amazing! Thanks for replying!


I was thinking about preloaded feedback that would pop up with a hint if the answer was wrong. For example: if a student misses a two step equation problem, feedback pops up with a, “not quite. Remember: which term should you start with?” Or something like that. So a student would see that before they try further questions. Does that make sense? So yea I guess the feedback would be entered before the student takes the assessment.



This is a great idea that we can definitely consider!


@Emily_Hargrove Oh, gotcha! I could see this being very helpful and we can definitely consider this as well!

Can I call dibs on doing a google meet if this comes to fruition? Haha! I can send you a screenshot of how I do it for my college classes so you get a better idea of what I am talking about!

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You mean for one of our webinars where we release new updates? Yes you may call dibs on this :grinning:
I’d love to see a screenshot!

If I have a Formative that was timed and chose “Make Hidden” after Submission (since it was a test), can I write feedback on their questions? I want to release scores after I grade their assignment, but I don’t want them to get the feedback until I make the Formative visible? Does that make sense? I want to start grading, but don’t want them to see feedback and view the questions and tell the other students the answers.


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I would like this feature as well. Currently Microsoft Forms has something like this when you make a quiz. You can type a comment to show up if they select a wrong (or the right answer). PivotInteractives also has this feature. I just thought I would comment to give examples of programs that have this feature for reference.

I love Goformative, but this is a feature that I’ve found is currently lacking. Being remote this year, there have been times that providing feedback “hints” have been essential for learning rather than simply providing the correct answer as would be the case in Goformative with the “after student submits” option. I personally have been using Desmos CL instead, but this is very time-consuming and I’d much rather use Goformative if they were to offer this option.