Feedback optimization

Maybe there could be an option to select all the students who did not input the correct answer according to the answer key, so I could send them the same feedback instead of selecting all the students regardless of whether they got the answer correct or not…

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Actually you can! I do this all the time. I click the little circle in the upper left hand corner and once I have all of the same error, I type ONE comment in the right window… and it is sent to ALL the students I selected. While they are selected, you can also give them all the same ‘grade’ too!

In fact, if you click on the table graph pic in the upper right hand corner of that screen…
…it will GROUP identical answers!!

Thenyou can simply click on a ‘bar’ and give everyone the same comment!! Super fast. (You can even see the names of the students who gave that answer.)


Thank you I will be using this function from now on. Going into the school year, I am looking for more ways to save time. During summer school I only had about 70 students to manage, I am worried about I will manage to give them all timely feedback when I have 160 students.

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No problem. I get it!! I had the same problem. Luckily, I accidentally hit that sorting button one day while grading. I swear I graded ten times faster after that!

Another thing I do to speed up feedback…I don’t have custom scoring, so my students only see red/green upon entering scores. When I grade, I change red to partial credit (3 out of 10 is what I use) so the color changes to orange and I type feedback. Two benefits: (1) Students (and I) can quickly see which problems have teacher feedback. (2) After I sort, and see ‘red’, I look for orange answers… copy that feedback and then paste it into the red (provided it’s the same type of feedback). MUCH faster than retyping all the feedback. :wink:

AND… to make grading EVEN FASTER, I type the wrong answer AND the feedback into my key. Students won’t ever have that exact answer so they won’t accidentally get a green, BUT I don’t have to think so hard about WHY a student made a mistake. Since I pre-planned, I simply click on the + sign at the top left when looking at student responses to open the key. Then I can select/copy/paste the correct feedback VERY QUICKLY.

These shortcuts allowed me to grade work 10x faster than I had been doing. Faster, more real-time feedback is valuable when students are working, whether it be online at home or in the classroom.

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I just now found this thread and I literally just leaned back and gasped when I read this. GENIUS. :star_struck:

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when i am grading using grid view, i have difficulty hitting the circles to select multiple students, if i am a little bit off in my click they do not get selected. wondering why this is so.
I would think that a click anywhere in a students box would be sufficient, or suggest that goformative emulate the shift and ctrl key select functions

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